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What is better IP or CCTV

Today, surveillance cameras help people with the security of their home, office, company, etc. There are different video cameras and in order to understand which one is better, you should first understand the names and what they mean.
CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television or is a television system that is built on the principle of a closed loop and does not belong to the category of analog video surveillance. When connecting a Paket CCTV Murah to a DVR, it turns into an IP camera. Such systems, namely a closed loop, may well be analog, but the continuous development and improvement of technology has led to a radical change in CCTV compared to its original state.
IP video cameras are cameras that are used for video surveillance and security control. But such devices already have a built-in function for outputting video communication to the Internet network, since IP is a protocol by which specific subnets are connected into one single worldwide network. Something similar to online television is being created.

IP advantages

Before buying a CCTV camera, you should be determined by comparing all possible types of cameras, and based on this, choose the most suitable option. Advantages of IP video cameras:

This type of video surveillance is more modern, but this does not mean at all that its predecessor is outdated and does not require attention. On the contrary, CCTV has developed along with the general development of technology and also has a number of advantages.

CCTV benefits

CCTV is a video surveillance system, the area of operation of which is limited to the territory of the facility. Among the representatives of this system, you can find not only cameras designed for video surveillance, but also many other devices that have various technical characteristics.
This video surveillance system is rightfully considered the most popular and effective tool in the fight to increase the level of security and control of buildings. Its main advantage is high image quality, which increases the efficiency of the monitoring system.

Comparison of IP and CCTV

Based on the benefits, it is difficult to conclude which system is better and which one should be used at home or in offices. They are really similar, and the main thing when choosing is to determine exactly what you expect from the future video surveillance. In order to finally understand that it is better to compare them.
The history of the creation of video surveillance for security purposes begins precisely with CCTV for the reason that the Internet was not so popular and was not available to everyone, and some did not even know about it and did not hear about it. The recording was saved on video tape recorders using quadrators or multiplexers. These are special analog-digital devices, with the help of which one general picture was created from small squares from each camera. But this method soon faded into the background, as more modern and convenient devices were created, namely the DVR, which stands for Digital Video Recorder. Device for digital video recorder. In the meantime, manufacturers began to abandon tape cassettes and began to switch to hard disks (HHD).

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